I thought nothing could ruin it. But then the endorfines disappeared and the tiredness kicked in and social media turned everything upside down. So now, here I am, with Happiness by The Fray playing in my head. But I'm not going to let it down. Instead I'm going to turn a leaf in this book known as my life and I'm going to let go of that part of my life and the people that were a part of it because apperantly they already have. And instead my focus is on the future. A future where people care about me and where I can be happy all the time. That's my focus at the moment.
That's going to be my focus all the time. The happiness. That is my goal with everything that I do and with every choice that I make. My happiness is mine and I'm not going to let people get to me anymore. I've spent way too much time caring about what other people think and how they feel and not how I feel. But that stops now. I can try to tell myself that I stopped years ago but it didn't. But now it does. This year it does.
Quotable / words to live by
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