Go easy little dove.


During my life with all that is has involved, social anxiety and low self-esteem and all that, I have really gotten to know myself. I know how to handle new situations and how to embrace changes. I know how to keep my cool and keep those develish thoughts away. And one thing that I have learnt, is to ease into things. That is the strategy that works best for me when it comes to changes. To start small and the go bigger. Because then you're not actually going bigger, you've gotten used to the small thing which makes the next steps also feel small.
For example, right now I'm starting to wear more make up and I realised that I do not feel comfortable in lipsticks. Especially not in colors that pop. So what do I do? Well, I only wear these strong colors when I'm at home alone and get used to seing myself wearing them. When I go out, I wear more nude colors, right now I'm really into frosty pinks. And that works for me. Now I can look at myself in a mirror and not cringe while wearing lipstick.
I just wanted to share this with you guys because I feel like not that many thinks about this. So thank you for your time!


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