Everybody's been there.


There hasn't been that many life posts this week because my life has been pretty boring lately. Or rather, it has been nice but in a boring way. I've basically been sleeping and watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer all week. So, yeah. 

But tomorrow is a new week, one that I hopefully will be spending with my nose in literary articles and the rules of English grammar. Hopefully I say because that is what I had planned on doing this week too and that didn't really work out. But I only have one week left to prepare for the exam and two weeks to write a stupid essay. Then it's officially Christmas. So I'm leaving you with this pretty picture or my window while I'm off to spend some more time on YouTube and then try to get back to a normal sleep cycle. Sleeping from 3 am to 12 pm may be nice but it's not that good when you need to be productive. That's the lesson of the week. 


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