Christmas Day.


It's Christmas day! Which isn't that big in Sweden since we celebrate on the 24th but today actually turned out to be quite special.

It started out with a two and half hours long drive where I drove for one hour. I and my diseased head which is constantly spinning around. My body picked the best time of the year to throw a cold at me. And I'm handling it like pro. Either way, we drove in puring rain all the way down to my aunt's place. We saw a shed that had been tipped on the side and trees. There we were stuffed with even more food because clearly we hadn't eaten enough the day before. This time it was a traditional English turkey dinner! And it was amazing. Especially the Yorkshire puddings. My, my. 

Then what? Then we almost feel asleep because of all the food. An hour later it was time for dessert. I am officially in love with lemon meringue pie. They are awesome. And then we played yatzy and talked about a bunch of stuff and at half past seven we drove back home again. And that was that. It was a lovely day. 


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