You better watch out.


This weekend me and my mom put up our christmas decorations at home. Not all of it, becuase we have so much! But a little bit here and there in every room. My mom has even started requesting my help because apparently I have a better eye for decorating then she has. A career in interior maybe?
All around there are little santa clauses. These three go up every year because I love them so much.
And look at this little dude! He's just too adorable.
This obligatory thing which I have no idea what it is called in English. But this literally equals Christmas in Sweden.
This year I also went around putting up snowflakes on our windows. They even sparkle when it gets dark.
A countdown candle of course.
Our kitchen is so pretty right now.
A bunch of tree ornaments and mulled wine glasses have taken its rightful place.
And we have also made our way through our first Aladdin box of this Christmas.
So, our house is already in full Christmas mode, and it's not even complete yet. For example, the tree isn't up yet. But that doesn't happen until the 23 in our household. Next time I do one of these house tours I might make a video instead if you would like....


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