November favorites


November really flew by. I spnet my month studying and trying my best to figure out what I'm going to do with my life. I have still not reached a desicion. Anyway, it is time for a round-up of this months favorites!
First up, is my camera. At the end of October I bought a Canon EOS 700D and I love it. I've always loved taking pictures but the iPhone camera is nowhere near as good as I would wish. This camera takes amazing photos that I love to look at.
Fleece leggings
Next up is fleece leggings. I freeze, a lot, especially now when it's gotten colder but these really do keep me warm. I honestly don't know how I've survived without them before.
Estelle & Thild
I've talked about these products before on my other blog but they are so amazing! For those who don't know it is skincare products and they do wonders for my skin. They are a bit pricey because the ingridents are all organic and stuff but a bottle lasts really long. I bought my face creams back in August and I still haven't used them all up even though I use them everyday. I really, really love these products.
Next up is some music! I have really been loving Lorde's music this past month. Pure Heroine has been playing on repeat in my ears. She has an amazing, deep voice and there are some wonderful lyrics in her songs which I love. So check her music out!
My bed
Last but not least is my bed. My room is so cold during the winter, though it's not really winter wheater yet but, it's still cold, and there is nothing I love more than waking up in a warm bed and just laying there, and enjoying the warmth of it, while the day goes by. This morning, it took me like three hours to get up just because of this. So I'm really scared it's gonna become a problem too.


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