Another year has passed. A year filled with disappointment and new impressions. A year filled with great memories and discoveries. 

It started out with my final term of upper secondary school. A part of me can't believe it hasn't even been a year yet since I graduated because it feels like so far away. But it was a good time. I don't think I've ever been as happy as I was then. Until it was all finished though, then the depression and anxiety started to kick in again and basically ruined my graduation. 

That was the first half of the year. Studies. But then came the summer. I had a real job waiting for me in June that I was really looking forward too. So I spent my summer working and while the fun of it was wearing away, it never got boring to the point that I wanted to quit. This was also the time when I realized what a struggle it would be to try and keep in touch with my friends from school. I've never been good at that part but so far it's going okay. 

And then summer passed and I was faces with having to decide what I wanted to during autumn. I picked university which I deeply regret now. Luckily it was only one course and will be over in January but I have hated it so, so much. The only reason that have completed it is because I started it. 

The only good thing this autumn has been theater. I finally went for it and signed up for a theater course that I had been wanting to take for ages. And while it has been really nervous, making my heart beet extra fast by only thinking about it, it has been amazing. I've loved it. I have really started to like doing things that scare. Sometimes it may not end like I had hoped but this time it did and hopefully I will be continuing next year. 

So that was my year, filled with good times and bad times. I'm not going to look back at this year with regret. It was a good year. Everything that has happened, has happened and I won't pretend like it hasn't. Instead I'm making the best of it. Making what I want out of it. 


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